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Colombian Cannabis Legalization Efforts Underway - 2022 10 05 11 09 07

Yesterday, Colombian lawmakers approved a legalization bill and a regulatory framework for cannabis with close to unanimous support (31-2). 

The proposal would create regulations and establish a tax structure for legal cannabis sales. Revenue would be distributed among local municipalities to support public health, education and agricultural initiatives.

"With this legislative act, strategies that benefit the countryside will be promoted and others will be implemented to combat the illegal traffic of this substance, betting on public health and social growth,” said Carlos Ardila. 

The bill is one of at least two marijuana legalization measures to advance in the legislature in recent weeks, with another proposal and having already passed in the First Committee last month.

The president hasn’t endorsed any of the specific cannabis reform bills even though he has vocally criticized the overall prohibitionist approach of the war on drugs.

We will have to see how this unfolds in Colombia, but as of now there are signs to be optimistic as lawmakers are making efforts and the President has signaled that this is something he would like to get done even though there has been no action by him. marijuanamoment.net

Colombian Cannabis Legalization Efforts Underway - bbb2