Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt from a complimentary research note written by our Cannabis analysts Howard Penney and Nick BalchCheck out Consumables Pro for more research. 

Cannabis Causing An Uptick In College Applications? - AdobeStock 338590454

In a recent study, researchers found that colleges located in states that have a legalized adult-use cannabis market see an uptick in applicants with no visible decline in the quality of students that are applying.

Who said stoners couldn’t be smart and have ambition? The study showed that applicant pools grow roughly 15% when a state enacts legalization of adult-use cannabis, with more pronounced increases in early adopters like Colorado, which saw a 30% increase in their applicant pool.

Later adopters of cannabis reform can expect less of an increase as the cannabis movement spreads to more states.

The most interesting part of this study shows that early adult-use cannabis adopters might also be getting a better students,

“We interpret this to mean that, at best, [recreational marijuana] availability improved student cohort quality and, at worst, had no effect.” I personally couldn’t think of a better way to cope with the stresses of college than finishing finals week off by sharing a big ole blunt with some classmates.  

Cannabis Causing An Uptick In College Applications? - 8.4.3