In this clip from The Macro Show on 5/11/22, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough breaks down the #Quad4 crypto crash, and why it’s even worse than the 2000-2001 Dotcom Bubble.

“In #Quad4 you know that crypto goes down, that’s what the backtest told you. Now you’re down -54% [from the peak]. And that’s on the thing that’s backstopping the stability (or instability) of stablecoins. There’s so much B.S. you can’t even keep track of it.”

“Nothing, in the history of me modeling anything… looks like these effing trainwrecks (Luna, Solana, Avalanche).”

McCullough: Crypto Trainwreck(s) Worse Than Dotcom Bubble - Crypto Trading Hedgeye 2