Break out your notepad, as Financials analyst Josh Steiner discusses #Quad4 data and disinflation with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. Note as he reports that the S&P 500 recorded the worst start since 1939 and Nasdaq Composite Index reported the worst 4-month start since its inception in 1971.

“I've got a factoid here that I think is pretty remarkable. The S&P 500 put up its worst start to a year in over 80 years (since 1939) and the NASDAQ, which has only been around since 1971, also put up its worst four month start to the year in the last 50+ years. So, deep #Quad4 it is here in Q2,” Steiner explains.

“We call it disinflation, but I think if you've been long the NASDAQ, you feel pretty deflated,” notes McCullough.

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