Hedgeye’s outspoken REITs analyst Rob Simone pulls no punches dissecting the earnings call from Medical Properties Trust (MPW), where the company attacked what it called, “third-party reports” coming from “unequal market commentators,” rather than presenting credible and relevant data.

“The company elected to choose violence yesterday and probably spent about 30% of the conference call; rather than credibly presenting data, facts, and information to support their case, went down the road of non-credible 3rd party reports. What’s ultimately going to matter in the end is the data, the math, and the facts. So what I’m going to do is just continue to pound on that,” Simone explains.

Just red flags everywhere. If you have the facts on your side, you’re credible, and a more than equal or above average management team, you don’t have to resort to making statements like that. Listen to the call, it was nothing short of an absolute embarrassment for that management team. ”

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