In this clip from The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough answers the critical question on subscribers minds, “What are institutional investors talking about in #Quad4?”  

“A big [topic] is performance. There is a lot going on out there underneath the hood. The hedge fund community and the long only community is still grossly exposed to their longs,” McCullough reports. “There’s a lot of dispersions in performance. So when I’ve had recent discussion in the last two weeks, I’ve really been congratulatory with some cases because a lot of these hedge fund that have stayed with their shorts in March really got paid in the last three days.  

“Another thing that people are spending a lot of time on now is the earnings slowing call. Most of our institutional clients are more fundamental in their principle orientation than they are macro, so they’ll use our macro as their north star to augment their fundamental long-short stock picking.”

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