In this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye, Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver highlights the lowlifes with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. Watch as they discuss the biggest Old Wall failures, con artists, and criminals they have encountered during their time on Wall Street.   

“The one that made me want to take a shower the most was Mark Swartz (ex-CFO of Tyco),” explains Van Sciver. “The one that was sort of the most shocking and frustrating over time was obviously General Electric (GE). . . that was a culture in terms of a whole company that went awry, that awarded sociopathic behavior.”

“Why did you never have a heads up on Tyco, GE, Enron, or Linn Energy? Go down the line and go on and on. Why? Because they pay their bills. They’re their advertisers. It’s so simple.” states McCullough.

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