Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is hosting weekly “HedgEye On The Prize” investor coaching sessions. Watch Keith dissect the contest leaderboard, analyze the market set-up of top contest participant holdings and invite contest participants to join us live and share their experiences.

Keith was joined today by two contestants, Jeremy Rivera and Anthony Razza to discuss their positioning, strategy, and performance so far. Keith also analyzed commentary from our top performers after Week 4 of #HedgEyeOnThePrize, and advised contestants on his investment process so they can improve, outperform, and win some serious prizes.

This is must-see TV for any investor looking to take their investing to the next level. (Watch the rest of our investor coaching sessions here.)

Some highlights from Keith's sixth coaching session comments below:

  • "Fading the market, using the Risk Range, buying at the low end of the range, selling at the top end of the range, that's how you fade the market and win the competition. The numbers speak for themselves."
  • "It's a very interesting thing for people to say 'you can't time markets, ect.' I would agree with that. Most people can't. But evidently you can. You guys have done an awesome job with these dirty little words called market timing." 
  • "When you make decisions from a trading and portfolio perspective, you have to have a discipline. You don't just wake up and feel like the market should go up or down. You have to have your parameters. You have to execute with discipline. You have to be deliberate, and it's rinse and repeat." 

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