Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is hosting weekly “HedgEye On The Prize” investor coaching sessions. Watch Keith dissect the contest leaderboard, analyze the market set-up of top contest participant holdings and invite contest participants to join us live and share their experiences.

Keith was joined today by two contestants, Dianna Magnani and Ryan Noe to discuss their positioning, strategy, and performance so far. Keith also analyzed commentary from our top performers after Week 3 of #HedgEyeOnThePrize, and advised contestants on his investment process so they can improve, outperform, and win some serious prizes.

This is must-see TV for any investor looking to take their investing to the next level. (Watch the rest of our investor coaching sessions here.)

Some highlights from Keith's fourth coaching session comments below:

  • "There are oodles and oodles of tickers you can go to, why would you just sit on the one you just hit on blackjack? Are you expecting that to continue to hit blackjack? That's not a good high probability bet and Ryan Noe understands the math that."
  • "I didn't know much about the company at all, I just followed the @Hedgeye #Process." - Dianna Magnani
  • "What is winning in today's markets starts with the 'quant' and has the 'mental.' The quantamental! If you are fundamental oriented on stock picks, guess what? All these tickers came from somewhere. They came from a fundamental and more traditional research process with a lot of quantitative overlays."
  • "If you have the cash, you beat the other players and you move up the list. That's one way to do it. If you don't get into short-selling, then just raise cash." 

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