“The best way to protect yourself from rising inflation is by owning it.” –Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough

The Fed Said It Was "Transitory." Hedgeye Went Long Inflation In June 2020 - ifinfifinf

Ah, finally the Fed has come around to the idea that inflation is not "transitory," with Powell recently remarking that "transitory does not mean a specific duration" (he must've not read the definition correctly.)

For the last year and a half, the cadre of Old Wall Street economists, Mainstream Media pundits, and Fed & White House bureaucrats have relied on "transitory" inflation as an attempt to quell the masses who felt rising prices all around them eviscerating their purchasing power. Hedgeye's strategy for combating the salient inflation? Going long of it.

We caught the inflationary rocket ship a year before it launched with our proprietary algos and NowCast model - which front runs the Fed (and the Street) to position #HedgeyeNation appropriately, notch gains, and risk manage the downside.

Watch below to see several segments from Keith recapping, and reiterating, his long commodities call on The Macro Show:

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough, a former hedge fund manager, and his team of 40+ research analysts officially pivoted to going long of #InflationAccelerating on June 23, 2020. The only thing worse than getting whacked by inflation at the gas pump or the grocery store is not preparing your portfolio for an inflationary spike.

Here’s just one example of how McCullough prepared Hedgeye subscribers for inflation, per his morning Early Look note to subscribers from June 19, 2020:

#InflationAccelerating = Buy Commodities

Got people pitching you on some great stocks? How about something longer-term that A) hasn’t gone bankrupt and/or B) have to beg for a Fed Bailout in order to be an ongoing concern? You know, like a “Secular Grower”, or something like that – like food!

While it’s probably not as “cool” as something like Facebook (FB) used to be, as our Real-Time Alerts subscribers know, I’ve recently been buying some secular consumption longs of my own: Cattle, Hogs, Corn, and Soybeans.”

Here's an inflation/commodity reality check from June 23, 2020 to today (i.e. as of 11/8/2021):

  • CRB Commodities Index: 71%
  • WTI Crude Oil: 105%
  • Cattle: 41%
  • Corn: 71%
  • Natural Gas: 171%

In other words, we didn't miss this #InflationAccelerating move higher. Wall Street did. And it wasn't even difficult...

"Calling an inflection in inflation is the easiest call I can make" - McCullough