Takeaway: This webcast aired on Wednesday October 27 at 11:30am ET. Replay available below.

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is hosting weekly “HedgEye On The Prize” investor coaching sessions. Watch Keith dissect the contest leaderboard, analyze the market set-up of top contest participant holdings and invite contest participants to join us live and share their experiences.

This is must-see TV for any investor looking to take their investing to the next level. (Watch the rest of our investor coaching sessions here.)

Some highlights from Keith's first coaching session comments below:

  • "When I first came to Wall Street, I was given Moving Monkeys (Averages). I've used everything you can possibly use - and if it worked, I'd use it. A single factor model in today's Macro isn't going to get you very far."
  • "Let's broaden our horizons and use price, volume and volatility, and the interrelationships of those things. Price goes up on accelerating volume and compressing volatility? That's a very bullish Similar Set."
  • "Do not sell with higher-highs in the Risk Range. Ride those horses. Valuation isn't the catalyst - the market is. Pay less attention to *why* this shouldn't be happening, and keep focusing on *when* the Signal says to buy more."
  • "When we talk about 'The Machine' we’re talking about the flow of assets. It’s the nearly $7 trillion in passive assets that 'The Machine' keeps pushing in a direction based on market conditions."
  • "It’s very different than the game we play now. Hedge fund correlations have basically gone to 0.9 or 1.0 in some cases."
  • "If you accept that The Machine is part of the game you’re starting to understand why frontrunning The Machine is important. It puts you in the highest probability positions so that The Machine is complimenting the positions that I take."

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