Dear Michael @Saylor,

A little over a year ago, you joined our Founder/CEO Keith McCullough on HedgeyeTV for a Real Conversation to talk about Bitcoin. Naturally, it got a bit chippy. But one key lesson we learned from you is that many people lack the information they need to convince them to buy Bitcoin.

Like you said, investors need daily quantitative analysis that shows why Bitcoin is a key element of the world's financial future.

You said if we created it, you'd "blast it to the world."

Well, we created it. 

Our Bitcoin Trend Tracker offers a ton of insight including rolling volatility, correlations, implied price ranges, and more on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Microstrategy, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust & Coinbase (and on-chain analytics). We want the entire crypto community to be aware of the data, whether they trade or HODL. We don't care what you do - we just want investors to have a better understanding of crypto.

Here's what you said.

Saylor: "Keith, I can't find any place where I can go online every day and see rolling volatility return comparisons. If you gave me one static chart like that, I would blast it to the world, link back to Hedgeye, and then all those Cyber Hornets will go from buzzing around your head to becoming your friends, because you'll be providing them with the information they need to explain why Bitcoin is a great treasury reserve asset, to everyone that's still trapped in gold, silver, and bonds."

In other words, you said if we created this product, you'd share it with the world. So, when? Time to live up to your end of the bargain.

Want to see the Tracker for yourself? Here's today's: Oct 21, 2021 Bitcoin Trend Tracker

It's only $10 a month. Everyone should have access to daily analytics. If you want it in your inbox every morning, you can sign up here.

You can watch Keith and Michael's entire conversation below.