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Welcome to Hedgeye

My name is Keith McCullough. I’m founder and CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management, and I want to personally welcome you to our virtual home.

We’re pioneers in the independent investment research business, a new sector that’s still greatly misunderstood. I started Hedgeye with nothing more than an idea and a laptop back in 2008. Today, Hedgeye continues to lead by breaking ground in new markets: first, we established ourselves as the must-have source for research for the top money managers in the industry. At the same time, we launched that same research out into the public market, making our investment ideas available to individual investors and smaller professional firms at the same time that it is sent to the largest firms in the financial marketplace.

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Since then, Hedgeye TV has pioneered a new genre of on-line video, where leading investment professionals speak candidly one-on-one, not with journalists – many of whom have never set foot on a trading floor or been involved in a trade or a banking deal – but with Hedegeye’s own senior partners, all of whom come with decades of hands-on experience in the marketplace.

Our brand new educational offerings will help you understand the concepts that Wall Street analysts throw around, and will also help you see through Old Wall Street’s cloak of obscurity to help you find the right way to manage the risk in your investment portfolio.

I founded Hedgeye on the principles of Transparency, Accountability, and Trust – three things that were hard to come by during my years on Wall Street. I’m proud to introduce you to my Firm, and to my partners. Together we continue to work to make Hedgeye the home of the very best in uncompromised, unconflicted investment research.

If you’ve been looking for a firm that gives you a fair shot at making your own way in the investment markets, look no further.

Welcome to Hedgeye!

Keith McCullough - CEO