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A Thought-Provoking discussion 

Registered investment advisor and author of MishTalk  Mike "Mish" Shedlock joined Daryl Jones for the 25th episode of Hedgeye | In The Arena. 

In this wide ranging conversation Mish shares his seasoned views on a number of topics including:

  • Inflation or Deflation Debate: There is a lot of hidden inflation 
  • Favorite Asset Classes: Gold and Treasuries 
  • Good Reason to Expect Recession: Greenspan doesn't
  • Rate Cut or Hike What's Next: It's clear what they want to do 
  • Central Bank Independence: I would abolish the Fed in a second  

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Here is a sneak peak at Mish's current playbook:

"I would hide out in gold and treasuries. I'll name another place, I'm personally in some marijuana plays and I'm in some private equity plays related to the healthcare industry. I think people need to search out asset classes that are truly not correlated to the rest of the market."

Daryl and Mish also weighed in on the 2020 election, below is a quick look at Mish's thoughts:

"I actually think that Elizabeth Warren might be the one person that Trump could beat. I've looked at polls recently and Warren has slipped badly. I think people are coming around to the idea of how the heck are we going to pay for all this stuff she's promising and they don't like the conclusion..."

To learn more about Mish and his current views you can follow him on Twitter @MishGEA or checkout his blog MishTalk.