Charlie Gasparino, Senior Correspondent at Fox Business Network joined Hedgeye's Daryl Jones for the 23rd episode of Hedgeye | In The Arena. 

Gasparino pulls no punches on a number of important subjects in this wide-ranging interview including the changing landscape of media, controversial stock stories, consequences of the presidential election and much more.

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Below is a sneak peak at Charlie's thoughts on Tesla:

"I will say this, take out what you see on Twitter about them [Tesla]. People on Twitter are all nuts, not all of them, but I mean they all have an ax to grind and they're obviously promoting a thesis and they do it in the nastiest way. And most of them are not sitting there with what Jim Chanos knows (the short seller).

I spend a lot of time talking to Jim on this because he is short Tesla and he lays out a fairly logical argument why the numbers don't add up, but he would also tell you that there's a lot between the numbers not adding up and this thing going out of business.

They have access to capital. Having that access to capital and having a cult following for the stock can work wonders, it can stop a company from going out of business and at least on the trajectory that the numbers make it seem like it might, that's why it's a complicated story."

Charlie on the 2020 Presidential Election:

[Elizabeth Warren] could win. I have a lot of sources that are Democrats. You know, there are plenty of Democrats on Wall Street. People forget that. Mainly the hedge fund, the business. I don't think any bank, well, it's interesting, there's all these stories about how banks, Wall Street banks won't support Warren.

First off they won't, but she doesn't care. The banks are not as big of a player politically as they used to be for a lot of reasons, including the fact that there is so much regulation on them that they don't want it. You're not going to see Goldman Sachs plowing zillions of dollars into an election as they directed at Obama. They were Obama's second largest fundraiser.

The hedge fund guys are very active. She'll get some of them by the way, that’s true. Here's what they tell me. And these are my hedge fund sources that are close to Biden. They still think he has a shot. They have no problem losing Iowa. They would like to win New Hampshire, but if they lose it, they don't care. And they say they have a firewall that begins in super Tuesday with the South in South Carolina, obviously, and others where Biden has tremendous support among African Americans and he can run the table. And they say she can't.”