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Yes, we are still short Tesla (TSLA).

Shares of Tesla were down as much as -14% today after reporting a larger-than-expected loss and revenues that also came up shy of analyst estimates. 

We reiterate our analyst Jay Van Sciver’s original short call made on 6/14/17 where he called Tesla a “blindingly obvious short.” Tesla shares are down -39% since Van Sciver's short call.

Below are a selection of our favorite webcasts hosted by Van Sciver in which he lays out the short case on Tesla.

1. [WEBCAST] Why Tesla is a ‘Blindingly Obvious Short’ (3/22/2018)

Some of the world’s sharpest and most successful investors are bearish on Tesla (TSLA). But… who among them can say they initiated their short call within a week (literally!) of Tesla’s all-time high? Enter Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver.

2. [Webcast] Replay: Is The Worst Yet To Come At Tesla? (8/23/2018)

The wild ride for Tesla longs (and shorts) has gotten even wilder over the past few weeks. In this special Hedgeye webcast, outspoken Tesla critic Chris Irons, founder of Quoth the Raven Research, joins Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver to discuss what lies ahead for Tesla and its embattled CEO Elon Musk.

3. Hedgeye Investing Summit "Is Tesla's Day of Reckoning Coming Soon?" with Charley Grant (10/11/2018)

This is an exclusive "Hedgeye Investing Summit" interview between WSJ investing journalist Charley Grant and Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver.

4. Tesla: Taking a Turn for the Worse (with Jay Van Sciver) | Trade Ideas (4/102019)

Real Vision continues its discussion on Tesla by speaking with Jay Van Sciver, sector head of industrials & materials at Hedgeye. Sciver examines both the bullish & bearish theses for the company, highlights the unraveling of the demand story in 2019 and reviews just how low he sees share prices falling, in this interview with Jake Merl.

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