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In this installment of "In The Arena," host Daryl Jones is joined by the one and only Pippa Malmgren. Pippa is a trend-spotting economist, entrepreneur, two-time bestselling author, former economic advisor to President George W. Bush and co-founder of H Robotics. She deftly connects the dots, bringing together insights about markets, politics, policy and geopolitics that signal important and investable trends.

She has been credited with anticipating the Financial Crisis in 2007, slowdown in China, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump. In this podcast Pippa discuss her time at the White House, her current market outlook (hint: she's not a bear), China and much more. 

Here's a taste of Pippa's view on how China may deal with their debt balance.

"The answer is you can destroy the entire system of money and accounting and start again."

 How she thinks about the world economy.

"I think the world economy is a lot like surfing and they're continuous waves of change and you're never in a fixed spot. And so getting comfortable with the fluidity of it is really important. And that's kind of my thing is identifying trends in the world economy that aren't yet in the data. The numbers don't yet show, but they are going to. And so I'm really interested in the story before it becomes the numerical facts."

Why Pippa thinks technology will be a key factor keeping the economy elevated.

"China, Russia and the United States are investing hugely in artificial intelligence and computational power. And that's partly because President Putin has said AI is the new frontier of geopolitics, which it is because the more computational power you have, the easier it is to break the other guys code. That doesn't matter whether nuclear codes or bitcoin passwords. And this is why the U.S. keeps at Oak Ridge in Tennessee, which is our nuclear base - everything we do in nuclear is kept there, we (U.S) have the new summit and Sierra computers from IBM and NVIDIA, which are said to be able to calculate what takes a human 6.3 billion years. That's B as in boy billion years. It can do it in one second. Imagine one second. What takes to human 6.3 billion years to do. And China's building one right now, a controversial because it's a quantum computer. And there's lots of questions about if quantum computers really work, but they're building a facility. And it said that when they're done with that in 2020, it will have literally 1 million times the computational capability of the entire planet."

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