We gathered some of the smartest investors on Wall Street to discuss the current market set-up around the globe.

Guest Speakers & VIDEO REPLAYs

All interviews with our special guests below were conducted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough (unless otherwise noted). Video replay for each of these 10 interviews is available below.

Tuesday October 9

  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Andrew Left (editor of Citron Research) on "The Art of Short Selling"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Christopher Whalen (Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors) on "Does Fed Tightening Trigger A Crisis?"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Brian McGough (Hedgeye Retail) on "Macro Meets Micro: The Outlook for Retail Stocks"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Todd Jordan (Hedgeye Gaming, Lodging & Leisure) on "Macro Meets Micro: The Outlook for Gaming Stocks"

Wednesday OCTOBER 10

  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Josh Crumb (co-founder Goldmoney) on "Smartest Guy in the Room Talks Gold, Crypto & Speculative Manias"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Chris Ciovacco (CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management) on "U.S. Stocks: Time to Develop An Exit Strategy?"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] James Rickards (Editor of Strategic Intelligence) on "Are We In Another Slow-Motion Meltdown?"

Thursday OCTOBER 11

  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Daniel Lacalle (Chief Investment Officer at of Tressis Gestion) on "The Eurozone's Coming Debt Crisis"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Charley Grant (Wall Street Journal columnist) and Jay Van Sciver (Hedgeye Industrials) on "Is Tesla's Day or Reckoning Coming Soon?"
  • [WATCH REPLAY HERE] Keith McCullough (Hedgeye CEO) on "Beware This Late Cycle U.S. Economy"