Takeaway: The elephant in the room is Tesla’s liquidity.

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On the heels of his head-scratching, highly questionable recent use of Twitter, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk decided to double down on his attacks of a British man who helped rescue a stranded soccer team in Thailand.  He then tried to right the ship by joining Joe Rogan’s podcast for a two-hour discussion that included having a toke on a reefer.  And that was all just last week!

To be clear, any time a high-profile CEO of a major, multibillion dollar automotive company goes off the proverbial rails on social media it concerns us, but…

there is a much bigger issue at play right now—namely Tesla’s liquidity. 

Listen To The Bond Market (Ignore Musk's Tweets) - zaa

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Listen To The Bond Market (Ignore Musk's Tweets) - hedgeye pro