TESLA WEBCAST REPLAY: Is The Worst Yet to Come? - tesla11

“The worst is yet to come,” embattled Tesla CEO Elon Musk told the New York Times recently.

We agree.

That’s why we hosted a special Tesla webcast with outspoken Tesla critic Chris Irons, founder of Quoth the Raven Research, and Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver to discuss what lies ahead for Tesla.

Musk blames the “extreme torture” of short-sellers for Tesla’s woes. But Musk has done plenty of damage all on his own. TSLA is down -16% since Musk’s ill-fated “funding secured” tweet sent the stock from $340 to $380 … then back down to $319. (The lingering SEC investigation of Tesla’s go-private efforts hasn’t helped!)

And yet, it’s not short-sellers that are the biggest risk to Tesla shares. The biggest risk is slowing demand for Tesla cars.

Irons and Van Sciver will discuss early warning signs of diminishing demand for Tesla cars, including…

  • Tesla’s difficult-to-reach manufacturing targets
  • Service quality challenges
  • Competitive entry
  • New regulatory changes
  • The expiration of demand-bolstering tax credits
  • And why Tesla is a “financially vulnerable manufacturer”

You don’t want to miss this webcast on this battleground stock.