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That's $8.7 trillion...

From the 2018 peak, world equity indices are down -10% from $87 trillion in market capitalization to $78.6 trillion.

Below are the top-10 largest drawdowns in country-specific equity markets from the 1/29 peak in global equities:

  1. Venezuelan: -77%
  2. Luxemborg: -54%
  3. Argentina: -44%
  4. Turkey: -32%
  5. Brazil: -28%
  6. Kazakhstan: -25%
  7. Poland: -25%
  8. Hungary: -24%
  9. South Africa: -23%
  10. China: -21%

Got Global #GrowthSlowing? Yep.

How Much Have Global Equities Tumbled Since 2018 Peak? - global equities
Source: Bloomberg World Exchange market capitalization

How Much Have Global Equities Tumbled Since 2018 Peak? - etf pro