Market Meltdown? Pippa Malmgren 1-on-1 with Keith McCullough - malmgren

A contentious global battle between Centralization and Decentralization may significantly impact investors’ future returns, explains Dr. Pippa Malmgren.

The influential economist, best-selling author and former White House economic advisor is our special guest in a new just-released Real Conversations webcast with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

These two critically important and countervailing trends are vying for global supremacy.

It’s everywhere.

  • Think Brexit negotiations—recently pitting the U.K. against the E.U.
  • Think Xi Jinping—recently naming himself China’s “president for life.”
  • Think Trump—taking on traditional Washington power dynamics and cutting corporate taxes.

These developments have important ramifications for investors, she says. In fact, what comes next might just cause a melt-up in U.S. equity markets.

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