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Takeaway: Our Tech analyst Ami Joseph sees 25% additional upside on 2018 factors alone.

Excellent news for Sabre (SABR) shareholders.

The $6 billion global travel technology company company just posted a beat and raise on revenue and free cash flow. During the earnings call, the company’s new technology platform featured front and center. 

Our bullish Tech analyst Ami Joseph previewed this new technology in his recent "Black Book" (email sales@hedgeye.com for access.)

Shares are up over 7% since he issued his LONG call on January 24.

Sabre Soars: Why We Said Go Long $SABR (And Why More Upside Is Ahead) - SABR Hedgeye 

For the record, he sees 25% additional upside on 2018 factors alone. He adds that 2019 looks better, but needs more data to confirm.

Additional items of interest.

  • We were loud Sabre bears for 2 years and had it on the Short side whole way
  • We switched from Bear to Bull a few weeks ago and hosted a Black Book called “Short to Long” on Feb 2
  • We think there is more upside ahead, including elements that really just qualitatively are coming to light now (but provide material for quantitative upside exiting 2018 into 2019)
  • On a 2018 basis we previewed valuation in the $18-28 range, ie risk/reward. We got the risk part right away with the market volatility, and now we are heading toward the reward
  • On a 2019 basis we can see that valuation range moving higher.

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