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Editor's Note: Click the play button below to listen to a new conversation between hedge fund manager and MacroVoices podcast host Erik Townsend and Hedgeye Housing analyst Josh Steiner. (Click here to get a special offer on Market Edges, our weekly macro newsletter.)

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Erik Townsend welcomes Josh Steiner to MacroVoices. Erik and Josh discuss:

  • Macro drivers of the Canadian and Australian real estate markets
  • Canada’s "Minsky Moment"
  • Turning up the heat with policies
  • Impact on Canadian Banks
  • Australian one-cylinder economy
  • Perspective on the Australian construction boom
  • Negative gearing in Australia and home equity withdrawal
  • Considerations on U.S. real estate
  • There is still room to run in the U.S. markets

Steiner on MacroVoices: The Next Minsky Moment in Housing (& Where It Might Be) - market edges