Takeaway: We are adding Teladoc (TDOC) to the long side today.

Below is a brief note from CEO Keith McCullough on why we're adding Teladoc (TDOC) to the long side of Investing Ideas today:

Been waiting for a US stock market down day to buy something on sale?

Join the club – it’s JAN 10th (my daughter Lucy’s bday) and today is the 1st down day of the year!

Since I came into today with zero LONGS in Real-Time Alerts, now I can cover some shorts and get longer (net) buying some new ideas my Research Team has been working on. One of those ideas is Teladoc (TDOC), on the long side. 

Here's an excerpt from Tom Tobin and his team's recent Institutional Research on the name:

"We have long been skeptical of Teladoc's business model for reasons currently reflected in the exceptionally high 42% short interest.  However, our skepticism has significantly dampened on what appears to be a consensus short heading into 2018. The acquisitions of HealthiestYou and BestDoctors, as well as growth in higher margin specialty services and increasingly favorable policy tailwinds contribute to our positive short-term view."

Buy red,