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We put together a list of our top calls from the past week for your holiday break. From tax reform to OPEC to North Korea, these calls are timely, in-depth conversations with Washington’s top thought leaders and our policy team on how these topics are impacting markets.

TAX REFORM UPDATE WITH DAVID HOPPE ON HOUSE + SENATE BILLS: Macro Policy Analyst JT Taylor and Health Policy Analyst Emily Evans held a conference call with Speaker Paul Ryan’s former Chief of Staff on the fast-moving tax bills. They discuss the differences and similarities and where they ultimately see them settling. LISTEN HERE  

TAX REFORM BLACK BOOK: IS IT REAL THIS TIME?: JT Taylor and Emily Evans held an in-depth presentation on tax reform. They provided a comprehensive overview of House Republicans' tax reform package including significant provisions, political obstacles, the timeline to passage, and the probability of success. WATCH HERE or LISTEN HERE

RUINED PUNCH BOWL? ACA REPEAL MAKES INEVITABLE APPEARANCE IN TAX REFORM: Emily Evans along with Hedgeye’s Senior Health Analyst Thomas Tobin and JT Taylor discussed the intersection of health care and tax reform. Evans detailed the impacts of tax reform on the health industry as well as the chances of an ACA repeal in the tax package. WATCH HERE or LISTEN HERE

OPEC MEETING PREVIEW WITH FORMER OPEC PRESIDENT AND ALGERIAN OIL MINISTER: Our Senior Energy Policy Analyst Joe McMonigle held a conference call on whether OPEC will decide to extend its production cut and for how long at the upcoming November 30th OPEC meeting in Vienna. LISTEN HERE

UPDATE FROM THE FORMER U.S./UN COMMANDER IN KOREA: On the heels of President Trump’s trip to Asia, our Senior Defense Analyst Emo Gardner hosted a call with the four-star former commander of U.S./UN forces in Korea to provide an up-to-date assessment of the U.S. situation in North Korea and the likelihood of war. LISTEN HERE

SUPREME COURT TACKLES SPORTS BETTING (MGM, CZR, WYNN, LVS): Our Senior Telecom Analyst Paul Glenchur along with Hedgeye’s Gaming and Lodging team held a discussion on the Supreme Court determining whether federal law can prevent states from repealing their own restrictions on sports wagering and what that means for the gaming industry. LISTEN HERE

U.S. SOLAR TARIFFS ON CHINA WITH FORMER CEO OF SOLAR ENERGY ASSOCIATION: Our Senior Energy Policy Analyst Joe McMonigle hosted a conference call on the ITC recommending trade tariffs on Chinese solar panels days after Trump’s trip to China and Asia. The president has wanted to address China’s trade practices since taking office – here is his window. LISTEN HERE

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We’ll be back online Monday, November 27th. Please email us with questions.

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