Trump's Latest Effort to Dismantle Obama Energy Policies - mcmon bnn play

The Trump administration took another step toward dismantling President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The 2015 law was billed as an effort to regulate carbon emissions, but "was more of a stimulus program for renewable energy," Senior Energy Policy analyst Joe McMonigle said in a recent interview on BNN.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it will move to repeal the plan today, contending that the rule violated federal law and would cost consumers $33 billion in 2030.

"The Trump administration is basically arguing that the economic benefits trump the health benefits of the law," McMonigle said.

What's next?

It's unlikely the EPA repeals the CPP without replacing it with a new plan. "The Supreme Court has required the EPA to consider public health benefits and so I don’t think the administration can just simply repeal the law. It’s going to have to come back with some replacement," McMonigle said. 

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Trump's Latest Effort to Dismantle Obama Energy Policies - investing ideas