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From The Vault | 5 Must See Interviews With Rickards, Roach, Stockman, Alpert & Grant - keith cartoon

Beyond our 30-plus analysts, Hedgeye's reach runs deep. We're fortunate to have relationships with some of the smartest and most sophisticated investors in the world. It's on that note that we highlight these five must-see Real Conversations where Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough goes deep with some of the best and brightest global minds. 

1. Jim Rickards, "Rickards, McCullough Unplugged on Fed, USD, Economy & More" (5/9/2014)

Controversial best-selling author James Rickards sits down with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough to discussed why "Keynesian economics is junk" and why "Yellen is worse than Bernanke."

2. David Stockman, "Crisis Coming? Stockman on ‘Likely Global Recession’ & Consequences of the Fed"

David Stockman, the outspoken former Reagan budget director and bestselling author of “The Great Deformation,” sat down with McCullough discussed why "we are in a fantastic bubble... that is a function of rogue central banking now fundamentally off the deep end."

3. "Real Conversations with James Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer" (6/12/2014)

James Grant, editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, discussed monetary policy, market froth, and why central banker-induced "financial leverage will fail."

4. Stephen Roach, "Roach on Global Imbalances, Risks and How It All Ends" (4/6/2015)

Stephen Roach, Yale University professor and former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, joined McCullough to discussed why "central banking has lost its way." 

5. Dan Alpert, "A Dire Appraisal of Our ‘Broken Global Economy’"(11/18/2014)

Dan Alpert, economic policy expert, author of “The Age of Oversupply,” and founding Managing Partner of investment bank Westwood Capital, discussed with McCullough why central bankers are "between a rock and a hard place" because "if you remove the stimulus keeping financial and real asset prices up... deflation would bring them crashing down."