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Profound changes could potentially be in store for Big Tech companies in the not too distant future according to Paul Glenchur, Telecom & Media Policy analyst at Hedgeye.

During his exchange with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on The Call this morning, Glenchur discussed the dramatic shift to the right in the EU’s recent parliamentary elections, as well as derivative effects this shift may have on regulations for Big U.S. tech.

“There’s some thinking that [this shift] could spill back on how the EU is regulating Big Tech, that the rise of the right and some political moderation could soften some of the aggressive anti-US Tech regulation,” explained Glenchur. “And if you couple that with some risk here from the regulatory agenda that there will be a change in administration here, that if Biden doesn’t win in November, that there could be more pressure from the Trump administration on how Europe and elsewhere is regulating U.S. Big Tech.”

“That could be a pretty big macro policy change that would be positive for the large tech platforms,” Glenchur added. “It’s something to watch. It’s just percolating here, but it raises the question and possibility given the significant change and the winds that are blowing in Europe politically. Because they’ve taken the lead on all the regulation of the Big Tech platforms. And if that were to shift, that could be quite beneficial for them.”

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