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For a staggering 37 months, inflation has been above 3%—far exceeding the Federal Reserve's 2% target rate.

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​​​​​Making matters worse... policymakers appear largely oblivious to the reality that inflation is going to remain Higher for Longer and continue to rise.

One of the biggest culprits at the Fed (Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee) actually called 2023 a “Hall of Fame” year for inflation and said inflation was “benign.” Tell that to the millions of Americans struggling to pay their bills.

Case in point. The price of Natural Gas (UNG) has skyrocketed +67% since March.

“Is that 'benign'? Are you out of your mind at this point?” asked Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough recently on The Macro Show.

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Earlier today on The Macro Show, McCullough discussed mounting evidence against the “Inflation Easing Narrative” those at the Fed and on Wall Street would like you to believe.

He also explained his favorite ways to "own" inflation—and profit from the Fed's incompetence.

What is the best way to “own" inflation?

Our Quad Map below identifies the best asset classes and equity sectors to position yourself for success in any Macro environment.

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A high inflation environment (outlined in green above) lends itself to allocations that outperform in Quads 2 and 3.

That means places like Commodities, Gold, Fixed Income, Energy, and Tech are perfect havens for you to protect and grow your hard-earned capital.

In today’s Global #Quad2 (Inflation accelerating), our best performing asset class is COMMODITIES. These have been a rocket ship. Not only do you inflation-proof your portfolio, but you also outperform the S&P 500.

Our average return on inflation-proof assets = +18.4%

Our subscribers have been benefitting from these gains since the Fed predicted a “Soft Landing” that obviously never came to fruition. Now, you can join in on the returns.

We have hand-selected our favorite 7 ETFs to give you the best returns possible based on our fractal math based signaling process. We review these ideas every morning before the market opens to set our subscribers up for daily success.

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