Our Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin made a bullish pitch on the upside potential of Joint Corp (JYNT) yesterday.

Today, the stock price is up over 30%.

Tobin moved JYNT from his short bench to his long bench yesterday entering the chiropractic care company's earnings report.

"It looks reasonably positive on a Quad factor," Tobin said yesterday on "The Healthcare Show." "You have this Healthcare macro overlay that looks good. Plus, market go up, right? We have this S&P 500 estimate trend that looks very supportive of anything. Plus, the healthcare estimate momentum also looks very supportive."

Investors who acted on Tobin's call had a profitable day.

"It's this tiny little throw-away chiropracty doc in a box type of place," Tobin said of Joint Corp this morning on The Call @ Hedgeye. "The chiropractic macro is really bad. Surprisingly, chiropracty's a big space. It was incredibly weak and I'm starting to see a turn."

"JYNT reported last night. They talked about flattening comps. If you ran the simple metrics on this thing, if they just hit the consensus and the multiple recovers a little bit, you've got a $12 to $15 stock."

The stock price opened at $9.62 today. As of 1:30pm ET, it had surpassed the $12 mark.

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