We understand. Balancing family and work commitments might make it challenging to mirror every move Keith McCullough makes in his portfolio.

So, if you missed out on big gains in Uranium (up 37% since McCullough added ETFs URA and URNM to his portfolio), where do you turn from here?

“The answer isn’t blowing in the wind. Portfolio Solutions is the answer,” Hedgeye’s Risk Manager in Chief explains in this clip from The Macro Show.

“I own every single one of these 34 positions in my account. So, it is doable. It is critical, though, to not buy something after it went up because you like the performance. That’s rule #1. Don’t do that.” 

Another tip: New subscribers shouldn’t immediately add every position they see in Portfolio Solutions. A better strategy is to wait until they see McCullough add a new ticker or increase his allocations in an existing holding. 

“When you get into a position shouldn’t be different than when I add to a position,” he adds. “But if you miss a position, you’ve got to deal with it in a way other than chasing something because it worked.” 

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