Veteran Retail analyst Brian McGough discussed his perspective on European Wax Center (EWCZ) with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on The Call @ Hedgeye this morning. The stock is the latest addition to our Investing Ideas product. 

“This company in January, February, and March even, is highly likely to comp down,” McGough explained. “People got excited comps were an eyebrow hair better than people thought. They could easily be down 3-5%. Pick a negative number. Old Wall does not know how to model negative anything, they only know how to model positive.” 

“If you don’t like that style, then too bad,” McCullough added. “If you do, great, because you’re going to really win a lot more games. It’s OK to be ourselves and say the sell side doesn’t know how to model down, because they don’t.” 

Unlike perma-bulls on Wall Street, our analysts make calls on both the long and short side. To view the full list of our 15 highest-conviction picks, CLICK HERE to learn more about Investing Ideas

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