“You Don’t Need Big Positions to Get Paid.”

A day after Bitcoin went up 3.4%, Director of Research Daryl Jones expressed concern his crypto holdings were getting too aggressive. 

In this clip from The Macro ShowKeith McCullough reminds his friend and former Yale hockey teammate the importance of responsible position sizing. 

“You don’t have to take big positions to get paid,” explains Hedgeye’s Risk Manager in Chief. “If you have even five 1% positions that are up 3.4% on the day, that’s a lot of money. At least it is for me, and I’ll take it.” 

“I’m at 2% on Ethereum (ETHE). That’s all I’m willing to do. I’ve got bills to pay, kids to feed, a firm to heal. I don’t take a 10% position,” McCullough adds. 

“Let’s make sure over the holiday season you commit yourself to good discipline, understand what your minimums are by asset class and what your maximums are, what the difference is between your long sizing and shorts. Let’s take this week to try to get better. My buddy TJ (Todd Jordan) would’ve definitely told you to do that.” 

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