In this clip from The Macro ShowKeith McCullough and Ryan Ricci explains how to use the different risk management tools within the Hedgeye’s process to make better investing decisions.

What you want to do, Ricci explains, is look at all the different signals Hedgeye provides across different durations. The highest probability bets are made when these different signals all align across every duration.

So go down your checklist, including… 

  • Research from Hedgeye’s sector analysts and our new Portfolio Solutions product focus on a Trend duration (three months or more).
  • McCullough’s Risk Range Signals are based on a Trade duration (three weeks or less). 
  • Our brand new HedgAI Signals provide buy/sell signals on an even tighter duration (between one to three trading days). (Click here to view today’s HedgAI Signals free.) 

“The whole point of our entire process is to increase the probability over every duration,” Ricci adds. “When every duration is lining up – when it’s bullish trend, at the low end of the Risk Range and bullish on HedgAI – that’s a probabilistic bet I want to take.” 

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