You wouldn’t know it from most Mainstream Media reporting, but shady business practices have been seeping into seemingly every crevice of American industry. 

Emily Evans questioned Pfizer’s (PFE) ability to produce a safe, effective Covid vaccine in July 2022Rob Simone exposed red flags at Medical Properties Trust (MPW) as far back as April 2022

As new complaints against these companies draw nationwide attention, a reckoning for these bad actors may finally arrive.

“This is the most valuable part of The Call for me, personally, is connecting the dots,” Keith McCullough explains.

“What’s going on in America right now is, when you start to connect the fleecing of America from a Covid drug perspective in Pfizer’s case, or in Medical Properties Distrust – it’s actually MPD, according to me. I want to change the ticker.” 

“These are major issues that take a long time to find their way to CBS and NBC. But you know when they’re there, the beginning of the end is here.” 

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Connecting The Dots: America Is Getting ‘Fleeced’ | $PFE $MPW - Call Banner