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Credit card delinquency and interest rates are soaring. The national debt has surpassed $33.7 trillion. The S&P 500 remains afloat only because of a handful of mega-cap tech stocks. When Apple, Google and the rest of the Magnificently Manipulated 7 falter, the Mother of All Bubbles is bound to burst.

Nearly all underlying economic data suggests the economy is due for a correction. As we've seen in recessions past, investors who aren't proactively prepared are in for a world of hurt.

In this new Real Conversations webcastHedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is joined by Mike Taylor, hedge fund manager and PM of PINK Shares and Mike Green, chief strategist at Simplify Asset Management. 

This conversation between pros will include valuable insights going into the home stretch of 2023 and a new year filled with potential turmoil.

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About Mike Taylor:

Served as managing director and portfolio manager at CriticalMass Partners LLC from 2011 to 2019, focusing on healthcare investing. He managed hedged and factor neutral portfolios exceeding $1 billion at Millennium, Citadel, and Diamondback Capital. Previously, he was head of healthcare at Oppenheimer Funds. Prior to finance, he worked as a scientist developing gene therapies. Taylor holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the William E. Simon School of Business.

About Mike Green: 

Green has dedicated nearly three decades to studying markets and market structures, and is a member of the Tier 1 Alpha team. His research on the shift from active to systematic passive investment strategies has been presented to the Federal Reserve, the BIS, and the IMF. He joined Simplify in April 2021 after his tenure as chief strategist and portfolio manager at Logica Capital Advisers, LLC. Previously, he managed macro strategies at Thiel Macro, LLC, and founded Ice Farm Capital, a global macro hedge fund seeded by Soros Fund Management. From 2006-2014, he led the New York office of Canyon Capital Advisors, managing significant exposures in various markets. Green is a Wharton School graduate and holds a CFA designation.

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