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A new landmark lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton alleges Pfizer (PFE) misrepresented Covid-19 vaccine efficacy and conspired to censor public discourse.

"We have a saying here in the South: ‘Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime,’Emily Evans remarked today on The Call @ Hedgeye.

“That may have been what Pfizer was thinking when the company with very little experience manufacturing a complex drug, like mRNA vaccines, paired up with BioNTech and agreed to supply billions of doses around the world without great manufacturing capability, which is documented, as well as not having a lot of great research.” 

“I think what they were thinking, and what they told us, was that they’d apply that windfall from the federal government into acquisitions and research and development, which is not coming to pass,” Hedgeye’s Health Policy analyst added. “What is coming to pass is the recognition that perhaps Pfizer didn’t have its act together to produce this drug mRNA vaccine for Covid at scale and in a quality manner.” 

In addition to criticism of the drug’s effectiveness, Paxton also accused Pfizer of attempting to quiet anyone who raised doubts. 

"There’s certainly plenty of evidence that we’ve discussed that Pfizer was ill-equipped to take on this task," Evans added. “Instead of saying no to the federal government and the powers that be like the EU, it went forward trying to do something it was not equipped to do.” 

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