Anyone who watched yesterday’s complimentary episode of The Macro Show heard Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough mention the addition of Pinduoduo (PDD) to his list of 28 signal strength stocks. 

The stock price for the Chinese retailer is currently up over 18% today.

“Why do I have to break atoms trying to pick a spot to go long China, when there’s nothing in FXI, EWH, CHIQ (which were my three macro ETF shorts in China), when I can be long PDD against those shorts?” McCullough asked yesterday.

“I can’t personally be long PDD because Felix Wang has a model and an opinion on it, so our compliance doesn’t allow me to do that, but these are always the most interesting things, the positions you’re adding.” 

McCullough may not have invested himself, but anyone who acted on his advice during Hedgeye’s “Free All Access Day” was handsomely rewarded.  

“Think about how good Felix has been,” McCullough said of the analyst on today’s Macro Show. “While we’ve been short China, he went from long PDD to shorting it, then he went bullish on it right before this breakout. He knows this stock better than anybody in the world.” 

Watch the full clip above. 

McCullough: Wang Nails Big Breakout as $PDD Rockets Higher - TMS Banner