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You're invited to watch our 11th Hedgeye Investing Summit in its entirety FREE on demand now. Over the course of three days, nine of the world’s sharpest investing minds joined Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough for this must-see online event.

ON DEMAND: The 11th "Hedgeye Investing Summit" - Guests

We kicked this Summit off with McCullough's deep dive conversation with Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab. With nearly nine hours of content, there's no shortage of unique perspectives and actionable insights for investors to absorb.

Check out the full roster below. You don't want to miss these investing veterans' insight as we head deeper into Q4. 

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The Hedgeye Investing Summit is filled with actionable ideas and insight from 9 incredibly smart and successful money managers and strategists. You can watch all of them live or on-demand.

This special event is hosted twice a year by Hedgeye Founder and CEO Keith McCullough. Each discussion takes a deep dive into critical market and economic trends which will drive returns in the coming weeks and months. There are no commercials. There is no bullsh*t. It’s just straight up the middle, impactful and entertaining discussions which will make you a better investor.  

You’re not getting this level of quality insight anywhere else. Certainly not on CNBC, or any of the other fluff financial news and pundits out there.

The Hedgeye Investing Summit was designed to help you reclaim your financial sanity. It was designed to help you sober up and gain investing insights from 9 true market pros. It’s not to be missed.

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In case you still need convincing, here’s the lineup (featuring some of the best investors/strategists on the planet).

ON DEMAND: The 11th "Hedgeye Investing Summit" - guests