Investors infatuated with Tesla and 0DTE call options today are the same “wingnuts and idiots” who spent recent years betting the ranch on crypto. Why take massive risks when there are lower-volatility alternatives offering consistent 5%+ yields? 

“Here’s one reason: you don’t have any money,” explains Keith McCullough in this clip from The Macro Show. “The reason they need to make a pile is because it would change their life. They haven’t worked their whole life to get a pile.” 

Hedgeye’s Risk Manager in Chief points to FDRXX, TBIL and TFLO as the top ETF allocations for investors who are serious about not losing their hard-earned money. 

“This is gravy train,” McCullough adds. “My brother’s a McDonald’s franchisee. He said, ‘Amazon and Nvidia just broke Trend. Why would I invest in those? Are you out of your mind?’ The guy’s worked his ass off banging nails, building houses and teaching kids. This is what real people do. What you see on TV is absolute unequivocal BS at best.” 

Watch the full clip above. 

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