A new subscriber asked Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough a great question on The Macro Show this morning. The question had to do with Google and Meta remaining bullish trend and whether it was a good time to buy the dip.

McCullough replied that he’d be cautious until he sees “more cards on the table.”

“You ever play Keno or Bingo? My grandmother used to play those games,” McCullough explains. “[Our process] is like knowing some of the numbers that are going to turn up on the board. Would you play those games if you knew those numbers? Yeah. Well we know what these numbers are. It’s taken me an entire career to refine this process.”

FYI—McCullough reviewed the main points of Hedgeye’s investing process during Monday’s Macro Themes Coaching Session. You can watch this webcast on-demand, today’s Macro Show in its entirety, and a whole lot more free as part of All Access Week. 

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