We interrupt our regularly scheduled earnings season updates with a potential scientific breakthrough Jay Van Sciver says “would be a big deal on the order of nuclear weapons.” 

Scientists claim to have produced a new superconductor — a material that conveys electricity without losing energy to electrical resistance — that works at room temperature. In coming weeks, tests will determine its validity, but results from one U.S. lab have already removed some skepticism. 

“Betting markets moved up to 50/50 that this is a real room-temperature superconductor,” Van Sciver explains in this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye. “A lot of people are putting reputations on the line, chiming in saying this is potentially real. This would be a really big, magical sort of material that would be out there if it’s true and one that should be on everyone’s radar.” 

A development of this magnitude would massively impact Van Sciver’s Industrials sector (eg electronics, robotics and magnetics) as well health care, technology and many more. He adds that there is a "low probability it is 'real,' but high impact if it is."

Watch the full clip above. 

Van Sciver: Huge Scientific Breakthrough “Should Be On Everyone’s Radar” - Call Banner