A number of Hedgeye subscribers were wondering why consensus Q1 GDP numbers were “materially different” from Hedgeye’s GDP Nowcast. Keith McCullough says it’s simple: Their math is different than ours.

 In other words, who cares what they think? It doesn’t matter. Trust your process—let others arrive at their own conclusions.

 The two right-hand columns of Hedgeye’s model make it clear things have shifted over the past quarter.

“If you look at the delta change from 4Q 2022 to 1Q 2023, you can see the acceleration of reds across the board,” explains Daryl Jones in this clip from The Macro Show.

 “Stop worrying about other people’s talking points,” McCullough explains. “Definitely stop worrying about the Atlanta Fed if that’s what’s changing your decision-making process this morning.”

 Watch the full clip above.

McCullough: Why The Atlanta Fed’s GDP # Is Different Than Ours - TMS Banner