In this clip from Hedgeye’s 9th Semiannual Investing Summit, Liz Ann Sonders (CIO at Charles Schwab) discusses the varied effects inflation has on quality of life across America with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

“Everybody’s inflation is different,” Sonders explains. “We can look at CPI, PPI, or PCE and it’s a number. You can massage it. Core versus Headline or month-over month versus year-over-year, but everyone’s individual inflation is quite different.”

“My parents’ experience around inflation is entirely different than somebody who has to drive an hour to work every day and because they can't afford to eat out, are buying food. They’ve had to take on a second job to make ends meet simply because of the inflation problem. Inflation isn’t just a monetary phenomenon, it’s a personal phenomenon.”

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Liz Ann Sonders: “Everybody’s Individual Inflation Is Different” - HIS Guest Lineup