Takeaway: The don't ask, don't tell population wide solutions from the CDC and the FDA have consequences, especially for children

While the CDC and the FDA stick to their one-size-fits all flu model to limit the spread and effects of COVID-19, non-federal scientists are raising concerns about the implications of population-wide vaccinations, masks, and school closures. As each day passes, they look increasingly correct. 

In this wide-ranging discussion, Health Policy analyst Emily Evans and Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD cover these topics and more. We are pleased to share this webcast with everyone and provide a platform for dissenting (non-federal) views to be heard.

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  • 0:00 - 6:09 Introduction and background
  • 6:10 - Thai study of subclinical myocarditis and FDA's failure to study or consider smallpox experience
  • 9:17 - 12:59 Risk of myocarditis and balancing risk and benefit and enduring risk to young boys and men. 
  • 13:06 -  29:05 Other elevated risks; excess deaths; risk of immune imprinting; and FDA's crazy, mixed-up approvals
  • 29:05 - 36:45  VAERS reporting as a signal that the CDC ignored; more on Thai study
  • 36:45 - 40:58 Nordic vaccine recommendations; mandates; value of previous infection
  • 40:58 - 54:36 Mask mandates as a symptom of public health failures; ridicule and dissent; child mortality data; and the federal government's anti-child policies

ABOUT Dr. Tracy Beth Høeg 

Dr. Tracy Beth Høeg holds an MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin and a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health from the University of Copenhagen. She acts as Consultant Epidemiologists with the Florida State Department of Health and is in private practice in northern California.

Dr. Høeg is the author of numerous articles in her medical specialties but since 2020 she has become one of the few in the medical and scientific communities to advocate for children and against policies that do them unnecessary harm. Her publications include, “Association between School Mask Mandates and SARS-CoV-2 Student Infections: Evidence from a Natural Experiment of Neighboring K-12 Districts in North Dakota,” and one of our favorites, “Youth ice hockey protocols and prevention of sport-related transmission.” Some of her most important work, however, has focused on vaccine-associates myo/pericarditis in young males.