Six months to the day after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Hedgeye contributor Col. Jeff McCausland (Ret.), was joined by our Macro Policy analyst JT Taylor, President Michael Blum and Director of Research Daryl Jones to discuss what may come next during this Macro Pro exclusive webcast.

In this clip, McCausland says there is “no end in sight” for the war. He gives viewers an update on the current climate of the conflict, as well as his take on what each side’s next move could potentially be.

“It is very possible for things to get worse and could fear escalation. The only way wars end is if one side or the other changes its particular goals, and right now that does not seem to be the case on either side,” explains McCausland. “President Zelensky was very adamant in his remarks ‘That we’re not seeking peace, we’re seeking victory.”

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