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It's a big week here at HedgeyeTV. 

We're covering all of the most timely and topical financial market events. The premier webcast of the week is a Hedgeye subscriber exclusive discussion tomorrow between Hedgeye Demographer Neil Howe and President Michael Blum on "The Fourth Turning: Ukraine & The Current State of Global Affairs." That's a must-see.

In addition to the political, social and investing implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we have other wide-ranging HedgeyeTV webcasts covering crypto, Energy markets and the Fed. Here's the itinerary...

More information about each webcast below.

We’re hosting this all-star lineup of analysts on HedgeyeTV because when sh*t hits the fan, people need actionable analysis. MSM won’t give it to you, so we’ll fill that void. In the meantime, stick with the #process, not the media's B.S.

1. THE FOURTH TURNING: Ukraine & The Current State of Global Affairs

[BONUS CONTENT] 4 Big Webcasts On HedgeyeTV This Week (Including Neil Howe on Ukraine/4th Turning) - WEBC 3 15 2022 Access

From the man who coined the term “millennial” in 1991 and authored The Fourth Turning with William Strauss, Hedgeye Demographer Neil Howe discusses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the current state of global affairs with Hedgeye President Michael Blum. 

This webcast is available to all paying subscribers here.

2. Chris Whalen → Rate Hike(s): Market Risk Rising

[BONUS CONTENT] 4 Big Webcasts On HedgeyeTV This Week (Including Neil Howe on Ukraine/4th Turning) - RC 3 16 2022 Free Access

In the run up to Wednesday’s FOMC Decision, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is hosting a new Real Conversation with renowned banker/Fed expert and author Chris Whalen. The author of Ford Men, Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors, Editor of The Institutional Risk Analyst, with a financial career spanning over three decades at firms like Bear Stearns, Prudential, Tangent Capital Partners, and Carrington.

He’s an expert on rates markets, the Fed, the financials sector, and macro broadly. And with the market expecting NEARLY SEVEN rate hikes (while we call for 1 to 2 hikes, and then done), this chat could simply not be more timely and topical.

This webcast is available to all paying subscribers here.

3. Impact of Ukraine/Russia on Global Energy Markets - Joe McMonigle

(Hosted by Hedgeye Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor with International Energy Forum Secretary-General Joe McMonigle Tuesday, March 15 at 10am ET)

Join International Energy Forum Secretary-General Joe McMonigle as he updates us on the impact of the Ukraine/Russia conflict on global energy markets, the upending of the energy and geopolitical map in Europe - and more. Joe, formerly Hedgeye’s Senior Energy analyst, has served as Chief of Staff at the U.S. Dept of Energy from 2001-2005, Vice Chairman and U.S. Representative of the International Energy Agency, and President & Co-Founder of The Abraham Group. 

Unless you live under a rock, you’re very aware the oil and gas prices have gone vertical; so there’s no better time to have one of the world’s leading energy policy analysts (and a Hedgeye vet) to join us for a live conversation.

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4. Fireside Chat with One of World’s Biggest Publicly-Traded Bitcoin Miners

(Hosted by Hedgeye Bitcoin analyst Rob Simone with Hut 8 CEO Jaime Leverton Tuesday, March 15th at 12:30pm ET)

Our analyst Rob Simone, who will be covering publicly-traded Bitcoin miners, is hosting a fireside chat with Hut 8 CEO Jaime Leverton this Tuesday, March 15th at 12:30pm ET. Rob and Jaime will discuss HUT's place in the Bitcoin network, what miners do / what role they have in securing the network, growth and financing strategy, HUT's hash rate expansion goals, "HODL'ing" versus selling the BTC as a miner, and considerations around the current energy environment. 

Rob and Jaime will also discuss ancillary revenue/business opportunities, ESG considerations and defining / bridging the infrastructure gap between “web 2” and “web 3."

Hut 8 is one of North America’s oldest and largest digital asset miners. Jaime Leverton, CEO of Hut 8, drives the strategic direction for the company leveraging her management experience at high-growth technology companies. Jaime has held positions at eStruxture Data Centers, Cogeco Peer 1 (now Aptum), National Bank, BlackBerry, Bell Canada, and IBM Canada.

This webcast is available to Bitcoin Trend Tracker subscribers here. (If you're interested in upgrading to access this webcast, contact .)