Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is hosting weekly “HedgEye On The Prize” investor coaching sessions. Watch Keith dissect the contest leaderboard, analyze the market set-up of top contest participant holdings and invite contest participants to join us live and share their experiences.

Keith was joined today by two contestants, Shane Adams and Frank Candela to discuss their positioning, strategy, and performance so far. Keith also analyzed commentary from our top performers after Week 4 of #HedgEyeOnThePrize, and advised contestants on his investment process so they can improve, outperform, and win some serious prizes.

This is must-see TV for any investor looking to take their investing to the next level. (Watch the rest of our investor coaching sessions here.)

Some highlights from Keith's fifth coaching session comments below:

  • "I'm not trying to pick a bottom or sell a top. That's gotten me in trouble plenty of times, so I'm just trying to catch that middle range, and those seem like the best bet for me." - Shane Adams
  • "Into a holiday shortened week, that's a very dynamic thing. I don't think that I'd be speaking out of school to say that Steve Cohen loves trading around holidays because you get these really interesting set ups where Wall Street market makers just need to clean up there positions and go away." - Keith McCullough
  • "The hedge fund community has been completely yardsaled, liquidations 101. I wrote about it this morning, that certain stocks are way low on the risk range and asymmetric with that thought." - Keith McCullough

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