In this clip from today’s edition of The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough highlights the key macro moves he’s keen on and how he’s fading the bearish consensus on the Street.

Today’s Top 3 Things: Asia Allocations, U.S. GDP Nowcast (Revision UP), UST 2-Year Yield

1) “Shorting big places like China (which we’ve been doing since Q1) has a) worked out fantastically and b) when you get these signals of lower-highs, you do it.”

2) “We’re well ahead of the Atlanta Fed on the quarter-over-quarter… We’re a 4-bagger ahead of the Atlanta Fed on the sequential.”

3) “Quad 2 on the 2-year Yield – this went off the chart today. That’s a big move for the 2-year… again this has been Bullish Trend in your pin sheet for a while.”

McCullough: The Street Is Wrong on Economic Growth (Plus Asia Allocations & Bond Yields) - TMS Eco Growth 10.12.2021